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Program Rate APR Points
Fixed Rate
30 Year Fixed 4.250% 4.363% 0.00
20 Year Fixed 4.000% 4.155%   0.00  
15 Year Fixed 3.750% 3.947% 0.00
Adjustable Rate
5/5 ARM - 30 Yr 3.750% 4.785% 0.00
7/1 ARM - 30 Yr 3.875% 5.663% 0.00
10/1 ARM-30 Yr 4.000% 5.608% 0.00
5/1 Vacant Land 5.500% 5.671% 0.00
5/5 ARM First Time Homebuyer 4.500% 5.533% 0.00
Equity Express LOC 5.500% 5.651% 0.00
Easy Equity (60 months) 4.250% 4.745%  0.00


Ascend Federal Credit
Union Key Benefits
Calculators: Figure Your Payment
Use 4 different calculators to help you determine what you can prequalify for a mortgage.  Figure out your mortgage payment or whether it is time to buy or rent.
Applying for A Loan
Use our full secure online application to start on your mortgage process.  You can fill out part of the information then return back to the form to complete the rest. Once all the information is filled out we will contact you to continue your Ascend Mortgage Process.
Still don't see what you're looking for?
We offer 2nd mortgages and home equity lines of credit. We also provide mortgage lending for investment property and vacant land.
"We're here to help you"
For personal assistance, call us. If you would like, you can also make an appointment to meet with one of our Mortgage Lending Representatives.


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